Why add your hotel with ResMyhotel?

Are you a hotelier?

Are you tired of paying booking fees and commissions to Online Travel agents who don’t deliver?

What if there is a platform designed to increase your chances to generate direct guest inquiry and bookings?

And that too without the need of paying a per booking fee or commission!

That’s where Resmyhotel comes in!

ResMyhotel, is a free worldwide hotel directory which allows Hoteliers to advertise their businesses to a large number of audience to help increase their chances to get more direct bookings.

With ResMyhotel you can display your business direct contact details like address, website, email, contact number, social profiles, FAQ’s, promotions, coupons etc..

Creating an account with ResMyhotel is super easy and FREE!

Simply create your account with your contact email address and start adding your Hotel, B&B, Lodge, Resorts, Rentals, Restaurants, Banquets and many more.

It is now time for “direct sales and fair trade” let us do it without OTA’s and take your hotel business to the next level.

Create your free account today!

1. Create An Account – No Fees or Commission!

feature_sessionPlaybackCreating an account with ResMyhotel is super easy and FREE ! Simply create your account with your contact email address and start adding your Hotel, B&B, Lodge, Resorts, Rentals, Restaurants, Banquets etc.

For your potential guests, they can locate your establishment by location, name etc. We also allow visitors to add feedback, rating, favouriting and contacting your listings in no time.

Add your Listing

2. Submit Your Listing

Submitting listings is super simple, we’ve made entering the address of your place easy, with Google maps integration it will autocomplete the listing address.

You can upload photos, videos, location map, property description, social profiles, operational times, email address, phone number, website address etc.

Additionally, you can add multiple listings with one single login id, for accommodations we recommend you to list each of your rooms separately. Eg: Deluxe Rooms – Your property name, Sea View Villa – Your property name etc.

3. Get More Interest In Your Place

Listing descriptions:

Be descriptive about your place and what you are offering. Add an attractive listing title to fit your listing type or to attract a certain type of guests.

Listing Photos:

Great photos make a big difference when a guest is deciding where to stay or visit. We recommend you to add good, clear pictures. Remember “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

If you have images greater than 1 MB in size then please use this tool (Tinyjpg) to reduce the size without loosing the picture quality.


When guest sends you an enquiry from resmyhotel.com it is important that you respond to them in a timely fashion ie at least within 24 hrs. This will ensure that you are attentive to guest requests and increases your chance to get a booking/visit from the guest.

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* ResMyhotel.com is not a booking agent or tour operator and does not charge any kind of service charge or fees to the users of our site.
* Please contact the listing owner/hotels directly for any booking related query or disputes.